Today my boss walked in to my office and told me to look up Hagop J Garabedian . I asked why he told me that it just may be news that I may what to write about. Well he was … Continue reading

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The seattle courts today gave B&R builder the right to close a street . The company C.E.O who is said never to back down from any fight showed his big bucks today. Bruno Raimondo sent a letter to the state asking to please understand that the close street will bring in more jobs to the people of seattle. When asked to show up in court Mr Raimonda lawyer stated that he dose not need to be there for this is not going to go anywhere .

Raimondo has been a very large builder and a strong name in the seattle mega network. Bruno Raimond himself  is from New York and is told to be a sweet man . But big shots like Harry Donte which is one one seattle long time builder has been heard saying that Raimondo is a bully. Mr donte is upset that Raimondo has gone after every pice of lot that donte group has lost to bid wars . B&R is on the pact to take over the shy line in 2012 .

We will be working hard on more story Mr Raimondo office has said that next year . Raimondo will be making a big move by big move they are talking about. Mr Raimondo will be pushing to open a new bank  Raimondo network has beenput at 7.8 billion dollars . Well lets see what the group will make of this dream . Raimondo has said don’t stop at the moon go for the star’s .

We will have more soon .


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Today the free soho press has gotten some news. Hagop Jack Garabedian is in the middle of a deal that will open up a door for Garabedian.  Garabedian has struck a deal to put out 6.5 mill out of pocket to start a new lounge in the meat packing district . The new place will have three floor and will run by his partners . Garabedian has said he is happy to be a part of something new.

Garabedian has taken on Stan Style to be his partner as well . Garabedian put Mr.Style on with him to over see day to day . Style himself is a retired NFL player when asked Garabedian has said that Style bring a fresh air to the game.

We will keep all you guys up to date on what is going on in the Garabedian camp . Garabedian is looking to bring something fresh and new to the meat packing district so let see if he dose it. More news will follow this week as we see it you will read it.

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From the Hood to Carnegie Hall

We Have An Official Sponsor!

After weeks and months of reaching out to companies such as: Nike, Adidas, UrbanEars, VitaminWater, Red Bull, LRG, etc., and receiving unfortunate news concerning sponsorship for our Carnegie Hall Show, I finally have awesome news to report.


Banker Hagop Jack Garabedian has officially agreed to be our sponsor. DJ Philly C, introduced him to me and forwarded him a proposal I put together. On Saturday I met him at his home, tossed back a few Coca-Cola’s, talked about hedge funds, real estate and everything else under the sun, and voila, he agreed to support us.


Jack is an extremely cool cat  who sits on the Board of Directors of Sun Trust Bank in Florida. Within 30 minutes of talking to him, I felt like we had known each other for years. Cheers to you, “Bald Jack”, and thank you for becoming our official sponsor.

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A true new yorker will look to help out another new yorker. Well we have found our true new yorker and he go’s by bald jack or just jack.  We found it is no other then HAGOP JACK GARABEDIAN  himself. 

Garabedian has said that he is going to start a fund to help out the homeless . He has said that he will start the fund with $50,000 of his owen money . 

When it come to our people of this great city we need to help them out they need us. They need what we can give them to stay warm and to know that they are not forgotten . Grabedian has said.

Garabedian start his fund in one week and he will put up a web site just for it. Well MR. GARABEDIAN you are a true new yorker with a heart of gold. 

We will keep you ported when the web site is up.

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